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Welcome to Pantelatos Studios - Kefalonia Welcome to Sami Pantelatos Studios are located in Sami. Sami is located on the eastern coast of Kefalonia island and is the most significant harbor on the island. The area combines an extended coastline and a most interesting inland. Along the coastline one finds landscapes of exceptionally beauty such as Paliouras and Antisamos Beach, as well as the small lake of Karavomylos where portion of the subterranean waters of Katavothres in Argostoli finally end up. The area is full of interesting geological phenomena. Seventeen cave sites have been recorded in the area - a rare occurrence in Greek geomorphology- and significant in tracing the area's prehistoric period. To date, two of the caves are accessible to the public: the lake-grotto of Melissani in the Karavomylos area, and, Dragarati Cave located on the road to the village of Haliotata. Agrilia Monastery is situated on a hill overlooking the emerald beach of Antisamos and the coastline of Ithaca. The location is set against the background of Mount Aenos, covered with evergreens unique to Kefalonia. Besides the town of Sami itself, the municipality includes a number of beautiful villages, with charming houses and gardens full of flowers in blossom. At every corner of Sami area, the visitor is certain to come across pleasant surprises so typical of Kefalonia itself.